Menina Woitalla lives in Berlin / Germany and has been working for more than 17 years as a professional international model for commercial , photo & film, fashion, beauty & lifestyle.

She is represented by international model agencies.

Menina Woitalla is a creative person. So she studied porcelain / graphic design in Bavaria and then she worked as an employed Designer and for global brands like Villeroy & Boch, Rosenthal and many more. Then she went to Berlin and works successfully as a freelance illustrator and artist for children’s magazines, gift cards for instant and developed her oil and acrylic paintings).

During her studies, her interest in acting began, so she later visited a state-approved drama school in Berlin (Reduta Berlin) for a year and a half and had some roles on well known german television formats like “GZSZ”, “In love in Berlin”, “Behind bars” “Bloody track” ..)

Menina also started to model during her studies. After her drama school, she was discovered 16 years ago for a major commercial campaign in South Africa. Then more and more offers and booking came in as a model and she professionalized it in the following years so that working as a classic best age model is now the main part of her self-employment.


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